The Model C is our manual bottle corker. It is our most cost-effective model, simplified to eliminate the need for an air supply.

This model is easily adjusted to accommodate most bottles and T-corks and requires simple hand tools to make adjustments.

The Model C uses one ramp and can hold up to 25 corks. The corking action is accomplished by manually pulling the lever while holding the bottle against the v-stop. Our equipment allows even the tightest fitting corks to be installed smoothly and easily, with very little effort from the user.

The Model C is constructed of steel and aluminum.

LIST PRICE: $1150 (includes shipping within the lower 48 Continental United States)

OPTIONAL CORK VIBRATOR: $345 (necessary ONLY for certain types of corks).

The Model C requires a 90 psi @ 1 CFM air supply if the a cork vibrator is necessary. Please contact CCR Engineering for more information.

See the Selecting an Air Compressor page for air supply recommendations.

WARRANTY: One year full warranty for parts and labor. Thirty day return policy, buyer to pay shipping and insurance to cover possible shipping damages.

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