Ionized Bottle Cleaner (NEW Bottles Only)

The Ionized Bottle Cleaner uses filtered, dry, compressed air charged with positive and negative ions to clean your new bottles. A blast of ionized air breaks the electrostatic bond between particulates of contamination and the bottles. The contaminate particles, i.e. dust dirt etc., are then ejected out of the bottle.

This cleaner is ideal for use on new bottles.

Dry, clean bottles can be immediately placed into your production line.

The Ionized Cleaner requires a 8+ CFM @ 90 psi air supply and a 30+ gallon tank.
LIST PRICE: $4,250 (includes shipping within the lower 48 Continental United States)

WARRANTY: One year full warranty for parts and labor. Thirty day return policy, buyer to pay shipping and insurance to cover possible shipping damages.

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