Frequently asked questions. (MORE INFO COMING SOON)


  1. Which corker model should I choose?
  2. Will I need to purchase the cork vibrator?
  3. Which corks do the machines accommodate?
  4. What if I have synthetic corks?
  5. What if I have natural corks?
  6. I have custom bottle shapes and multiple bottle sizes, will your machines work with my product?
  7. Do I need an air supply?
  8. How much time do your machines save?
  9. I’m ready to purchase! What’s next?
  10. I’m ready to purchase! What’s next?


T-Corkers Air Supply:

All pneumatic T-Corkers require 1 CFM at 90 psi. You will need a 2+ CFM compressor so it does not run all the time.

We recommend the California Air Tools CAT-4610A Ultra Quiet. It runs ~$259.00 and can be found online at and other retailers.



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